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The Unseen – Let's get nude

A sustainable and ethical underwear range celebrating diversity and supporting those caught in crisis and the cycle of homelessness. Help launch this proudly nudist, responsible underwear label ‘for the people’.


Tipping Point: $30,000






Brisbane, Australia

The Unseen – Let's get nude

Before you start shedding the layers, hear us out: We are The Unseen.

An underwear label that stands for all that your underwear should; our diversity; our planet and everyone’s right to underwear.

We're all about elevating essentials and challenging the norm of harmful fast-fashion that isn’t too kind on our planet, people and - our privates.

Which brings us to underwear. We don’t believe in painting with one colour, so why would our underwear be that way?

Our underwear is inspired by all: him, her, they, you. We make staple pieces that don't compromise on style, designed for a life without restrictions or inhibitions, and never reserved for just one nude.

We believe the best of ourselves is the unseen, and that’s where we start.

We're more than just underwear.

So it may not surprise you that crisis shelters across Australia, and around the world, are crying out for new underwear.

To help those across the country, seeking refuge from domestic violence, homelessness or personal trauma, we donate 5% of profits from every sale to provide basic hygiene, comfort and a sense of dignity in their most critical times.

We are The Unseen

Hi, I'm Caitlyn!

Founding the The Unseen has been quite a journey. After years of recurring frustrations, shared amongst friends, family and strangers, The Unseen was born.

But it wasn't an aha moment, it's the product of much observation, disbelief and a few too many stories of improvisation when what was needed just wasn't there.

It felt necessary; cause we can ask more of our underwear.

And it started with some simple questioning.

In the realm of our most basic necessities, there's an abundance of the ‘nude’ underwear that excludes anyone with a skin tone that’s anything but..

When an industry is all too dismissive of our human diversity and the toxic concoction of pesticides, petroleum and heavy metals our most sensitive are becoming exposed to- it needs a shake up.

So, here we are with a fiery desire to challenge the underwear industry’s skewed sense of our needs and raise the standards.

We're grounded in a few bottom lines.

1. We are inclusive.

We’re redefining ‘nude’ and breaking these confines with our diverse range of everyday underwear and undergarments in five hues of ‘nude’.

2. We stick to our ethics.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and so it is paramount to us that we are environmentally responsible across all facets of our business.

Responsible fabrics

Forget synthetics. Our products are made from a blend of GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo and are dyed with non-toxic eco-friendly dyes in a closed loop system. We sleep easier knowing that we're producing up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton and synthetic materials and we're considerate of your privates.

Made with dignity

We work closely with our factory to ensure all our products are made in alignment with our values and ethics. Our ethical factory, based in the Guangdong Province of China, offers us greater sophistication and access to sustainable, quality fibres and skill sets to ensure our products are made well. Our factory pays above award wages and is committed to a voluntary BSCI program whereby a third party audit monitors and assesses workplace standards, ensuring all workers are treated fairly and ethically and strict environmental standards are adhered to. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and we refuse plastic in the transportation and shipping of our goods to you.

3. We help when help is needed.

Our essence; is to be kind to our privates, our planet and people.

When you shop The Unseen, you’re giving to those struggling with their own unseen crises.

Our partners

We have partnered with Brisbane Youth Service to receive the first drop of our - Give the Gift of The Unseen.

Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) provides emergency relief and ongoing support to young people as young as 12 and up to the age of 25 who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, as well as their accompanying children. They assist vulnerable young people to fulfil their basic needs, providing access to safe crisis or transitional housing, as well as addressing physical and mental health issues, alcohol and drug use, and building essential skills to re-engage in education, training and employment.

Through Giving the Gift of The Unseen, we are assisting in filling a gap in existing resources and provide our most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people with basic hygiene, comfort and a sense of dignity through a time of crisis.

We need your help to realise our vision and kickstart The Unseen mission.

The costs associated with bringing The Unseen to life are significant. From product development, fabrics, hardware, sampling, production, packaging, content, marketing (ohh the list goes on), there's so much to account for. We're so close to launch but are unable to fully fund the manufacturing of our entire ‘Let’s Get Nude’ range of basics. At this stage, we’re able to produce three of our five ‘nude’ skin-tone options and at very minimum quantities.

Alongside our production costs, it is our wholehearted mission to begin the flow of donations of our underwear to our partnering crisis shelter, but this too requires a large up-front investment.

Through ING Dreamstarter, we are able to open our virtual doors to you for a brief time to release selected styles in our womens and mens range to be available for pre-order and allow us to achieve our vision.

The rewards

You can contribute to our cause when you pre-purchase these selected styles. In appreciation of your support, we are offering an exclusive ING Dreamstarter significantly discounted rate on these styles, something we cannot offer again.

At the completion of the campaign, we will be in contact with you to confirm the size/s for your order.



INSTAGRAM: @theunseenlabel

Our future

We have big plans for The Unseen from the designs and styles across our product range, to magnifying our impact as we move forward. Every step for us is to be aligned with our mission for a purposeful brand that meaningfully contributes to the lives of people, and sets an example for others in the industry at large.

We are doing the best we can now with our current capabilities and resources but our long term mission and target is to become the most sustainable and transparent underwear label in the industry. We know it's quite a journey to arrive here but we're committed!

Our next focus, after our official October launch, is to complete the application process for B-Corp Certification and we hope to achieve this in our first two years of business. We will be working to offset our environmental footprint through renewable energy offsets and water security programs as our capacity to do so grows.

The Unseen will always be searching for new and more sustainable alternatives to our current practices and will adapt with new innovation and opportunity across our materials and processes.

We are incredibly grateful for your support, joining us on this journey.

Use of funds

$30,000 Tipping point goal

Our tipping point

Successfully reaching our tipping point goal will allow us to launch our inclusive ‘Nudes’ range with our five unique shades of ‘nude’. Each style in each colour, requires a minimum order and with 5 colour ways across all our underwear and undergarment styles- we’re faced with an initial investment of tens (and tens) of thousands to achieve our mission.

Our tipping goal of $30,000 will provide us with enough funds to produce our complete range of skin tones in our chosen styles, ensuring it is all that we stand for when we launch this coming October.

Alongside our inclusive and sustainable underwear range is our social purpose. If we succeed, we will be able to begin giving the ‘Gift of The Unseen’ to vulnerable people in crisis by meeting our goal of donating 200 pairs of underwear to Brisbane Youth Service when we launch. Thereafter, we are committed to an ongoing investment of 5% of our profits to continue and grow our social impact across Australia.

$50,000 Stretch goal

Our stretch goal

Our grand vision for The Unseen is to expand our ‘Nudes’ range into multiple bra and underwear styles for women, as well as across our undergarment range.

For every $5000+ we raise, we will be able to add another style to our collection of 'nude' options.

Our stretch goal will also enable us to launch our dream campaign involving a wide diversity of people modelling our underwear. We are extremely passionate about ensuring our customers see themselves represented in our brand, but this type of campaign is very costly and so these funds would allow us to launch the powerfully inclusive and passionate campaign for The Unseen that we dream of.

$10 or more

The Unseen Kind

We appreciate your donation to help us on our way. We'll be sending thanks and virtual love your way.

12 backers

$15 or more

The Unseen VIP

With your kind donation, we now consider you one of us and welcome you to our VIP family, giving you exclusive access to our launch and special offers, as well as pre-sale as we release new styles.

6 backers

$20 or more

Pay it Forward

You're a good egg for helping us on our way to start some good. With this pledge, we will gift one pair of our underwear to our partnering crisis shelter on your behalf.

12 backers

$27 or more

For Him / Happy Loins

Shop our one-off pre-sale offer on our sustainable and luxuriously soft trunks.
We'll contact you after the campaign closes to confirm your size.
Includes delivery within Australia, est. October 2019.
+$10 for International shipping

15 backers

$27 or more

For Her / I'll keep this BRIEF

Shop our one-off pre-sale offer and have yourself one of our sustainable and luxuriously soft brazilian-cut briefs!
We'll contact you after the campaign closes to confirm your size.
Includes delivery within Australia, est. October 2019.
+$10 for International shipping

22 backers

$30 or more

Tote-ally Sustainable

Our limited edition THE UNSEEN cotton canvas tote bag, so you can take us anywhere and be well equipped whether it's a foodie, beach, gym or shopping kind of day!
Includes delivery within Australia, est. October 2019.
+$10 for International shipping

8 backers

$40 or more

One for you- One for Good

Pre-purchase a pair of our underwear and donate a pair to another in desperate need.
We'll contact you after the campaign closes to confirm your style and size.
Includes delivery within Australia, est. October 2019.
+$10 for International shipping

49 backers

$100 or more

Treat yourself!

Pledge $100 and we'll give you $120 of store credit to shop our debut collection of underwear and undergarments for all. Launching October, 2019. Valid for 1 year, until October 2020.

28 backers

$110 or more

The Weekday Spread

Fill your draw with 5 pairs of underwear from our selected pre-sale styles- that's men's trunks, women's brazilian-cut briefs or thong. Guaranteed to please all week long!
Includes delivery within Australia, est. October 2019.
+$15 for International shipping

7 backers

$120 or more

Gift a week's supply!

Donate 7 pairs of underwear to our partnering crisis shelter, providing one vulnerable person with their basic underwear essentials. We thank you for your generosity and will be sending our sincere thanks your way.
Est. delivery October 2019

12 backers

$500 or more


For those with a smaller boutique who wish to stock our range. This pledge secures an order of 20 pairs of our female underwear and 10 bras for your boutique from our entire debut women's range. We'll be able to assist you with presentation, marketing and sales material.
Brand name and ABN needed
Delivery costs not included.
Est. delivery October 2019

1 backer

$570 or more


For those with a menswear boutique who wish to stock our range of men's underwear. This pledge secures an order of 30 pairs of our men's underwear. We'll be able to assist you with presentation, marketing and sales material.
Brand name and ABN needed
Delivery costs not included.
Est. delivery October 2019

2 backers

$1000 or more

Corporate Sponsor

Donate 50 pairs of underwear (25 mens/25 womens) to our partnering crisis shelters. You will be listed on our website and across our social channels as one of our social good sponsors.
Est. delivery October, 2019.

1 backer

$2500 or more


Join our mission and be apart of our vision for The Unseen. This pledge will involve an exclusive collaboration for a photoshoot and marketing campaign. The concept either involving yourself exclusively, or with friends or your team, to celebrate our diversity and The Unseen message that we're for all.
Please note, no nudity will be involved in this shoot- just underwear in all our shades of NUDE.
Contact us on social for any further enquiries.
Planned for August, 2019. Dates negotiable.

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