How can Dreamstarter
support my social business?

Do you have a business that makes life better for the community? Then Dreamstarter might be for you.
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Become a Dreamstarter

About Grants for Growth

Dreamstarter Grants for Growth provides our Dreamstarter Alumni with access to funding to accelerate the growth of their businesses and increase their positive social impact.

Because we understand that opportunities don't always appear at a time when grant applications are open we have created an ‘always open’ program, so that our Dreamstarters can apply for a financial boost at a time that suits them.


  • Be a Dreamstarter alumni (have successfully achieved your tipping point in a previous Dreamstarter crowdfunding campaign and delivered on your crowdfunding commitments)
  • Be a product based/trading social business
  • Deliver social/environmental impact primarily in Australia
  • Demonstrate a clearly defined relationship between the proposed activity and achieving growth/sustainability for the business.
  • Demonstrate a realistic budget for the proposed activity
  • Not receive funds from any other financial institution for the project
  • Expend all grant monies and complete all project activity within 6 months of receipt of funds
  • Provide areport on the activity within 12 months of receipt of funds


  • All applications will be reviewed by Dreamstarter partner, SEFA Partnerships who may be in contact to clarify aspects of your application
  • An experienced selection panel including representatives of program partners, SEFA Partnerships, StartSomeGood and ING, will meet regularly to review all applications against selection criteria
  • All applicants will be notified of the outcomes within 3 weeks of submission
  • Annual budget is limited, as a guide, Grants for Growth funding boosts are generally between $5,000 - $15,000.

How we help

Grants for Growth provides Dreamstarter businesses with the funding they need to accelerate growth in their business.

Helping you grow

Once you have successfully crowdfunded with Dreamstarter and your business is up and running you may need a little extra support to help it grow and succeed.

An extra boost

Thanks to Grants for Growth, Dreamstarter Alumni can apply for an extra financial boost to help create or take up an opportunity to grow their business.

Your application

Grants for Growth is an ‘always on’ program designed to provide financial support when you need it. The Dreamstarter selection panel will review every application and try to support as many Dreamstarter businessesas possible.

Make a long term difference

Dreamstarter wants to support you to build a financially sustainable business that can create increasing impact in our community for years to come.

How do i apply?

A Preview the application

This application form is designed for you to plan your responses. When your ready, please complete and submit your application online in step 2.


B Complete the online application

If you meet the criteria, complete the Grants for Growth application form. You will be asked to explain what the opportunity for growth is and what impact that will have on your business.

Register in just three easy steps

Project info
Funding info

1 Tell us who you are

2 Tell us about your ING Dreamstarter crowdfunding

Register in just three easy steps

Project info
Funding info

3 Tell us about the activity you are seeking funding for now

4 Tell us about if you were successful in securing a Grant for Growth

Register in just three easy steps

Project info
Funding info

5 Budget and supporting documentation

*I understand my application will not be considered complete until I have submitted this budget.

6 Terms & Conditions

By selecting yes and submitting an application form, you are agreeing to the Dreamstarter Grants for Growth terms and conditions, a copy of which can be found here. Additional terms and conditions may be included in the Letter of Acknowledgement that will be sent to you if your application is successful.

These terms and conditions outline your responsibilities if you are selected to receive a Dreamstarter Grant for Growth, including around implementing the activity, reporting, sponsorship rights, confidentiality and privacy and use of materials and other intellectual property.

You should read the terms and conditions carefully, and seek advice if necessary.

Thank you

Your details where submitted successfully and you will be hearing from us soon.

We aimed to bring in approximately $13,000 in digital sales over the Christmas campaign period; but thanks to the Dreamstarter Grant for Growth we actually doubled our goal and achieved over $26,000 in online sales.

Lesley Unsworth
CEO Taste Cultural Food Tours

I so appreciate the way ING have helped with the growth and development of our work. Our heartfelt thanks.

Jackie Ruddock
The Social Outfit

Thank you for all your hard work in making mine and the others' projects a success. Looking forward to working with ING next year and seeing Brainchild Academy take-off!

Julian Lee
Founder Brainchild Academy