How can Dreamstarter
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Do you have a business that makes life better for the community? Then Dreamstarter might be for you.
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About Scholarships

We’re looking for change makers working on an early-stage business that will create positive social impact through trade of a product or service. We know that growing a dream into a sustainable and impactful business requires passion and dedication but also knowledge and skills that you may not yet possess. Changing the world is no easy feat.

Dreamstarter Scholarships exist to support you on that journey by providing the funding you need to participate in learning programs that provide the skills, knowledge and networks for you to develop or grow your social business.

We know it can be challenging to know where to look for practical learning support when you are just starting out so, if you are an early stage start-up social business and you need help getting off the ground, head to our pages and apply for a Dreamstarter Scholarships supported place today.


  • You must be a founder or co-founder of an Australian based social business
  • Your social business must trade in goods
  • The impact of your business is primarily felt in Australia.
  • Have been accepted into the learning program of a recommended provider (or make case for alternate Australia-based provider)
  • Agree to the Dreamstarter Scholarships Terms & Conditions


  • Innovative start-up social businesses that will trade goods to create social or environmental impact.
  • Founders/co-Founders who are ready to make the time commitment to develop their skills and social business
  • Founders/Co-Founders who can clearly identify a need for their product/service and the impact they will seek to create
  • Founders/Co-Founderswho know WHY they what to build a social business

How we help

Increase your business knowledge and capabilities with educational program training. With the financial support of a Dreamstarter Scholarship, you can focus on up skilling your business know-how to help you better run a successful social business.

Starting out? The help to make it happen

Setting up a social business and need to learn more about how to make it financially sustainable AND create lasting impact. A Dreamstarter Scholarship to an approved learning program might be able to help you.

Which learning program is right for you?

You are the best person to decide which learning program is right for you and your social business. As a starting point, check out Dreamstarter’s recommended providers.

Apply for a Scholarship

Path 1: I want to apply to participate in a Dreamstarter recommended program: Select from three preferred learning programs and apply directly to your preferred program.

Path 2: I want to apply to participate in a non-Dreamstarter recommended program: Nominate your preferred program in an application directly to Dreamstarter

Confirm your Dreamstarter eligibility

We’re looking for change makers working on an early-stage business that will create positive social impact in Australia through trade of a product or service. Refer to eligibility criteria below for more detail.

How the Scholarship payment works

Once Dreamstarter has confirmed your Scholarship, we will pay the learning program provider directly.

Give yourself the learning and skills needed to build and launch your social business

How do i apply?

A Apply for a Dreamstarter recommended program

It can often be a challenge when determining the best way to enhance your skills and run your business successfully. We are here to help simplify this process for you, by recommending two creditable programs:

Apply now to Jetpack

Apply now to Two Feet by The Difference Incubator

B Nominate an alternative learning program

If you have an alternative learning program that you would prefer to attend, you will need to apply for the Dreamstarter scholarship directly with us, and we will evaluate your eligibility through an interview process.

We have created a printable application form to help you to plan your responses.

Download application form

When you are ready please complete and submit your application online with the link below.

1 Contact information

2 Your Dream

3 The Scholarship

Thank you

Your details where submitted successfully and you will be hearing from us soon.

I would absolutely recommend Dreamstarter Scholarships to new entrepreneurs. Wherever you are at, whatever you have done, the program will push you further no matter where you are in the start-up game.

Julian Lee
founder of Brainchild Academy

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