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  • We currently don’t have a confirmed date for the next round of crowdfunding. That’s because we’re making some changes to the program based on feedback from our Dreamstarter community and customers, and also because we want to make sure we’re helping our existing Dreamstarters remain viable during these unprecedented and challenging times. We know there are many other social businesses looking for funding support right now and we’ll update you via this website as soon as we have news on when crowdfunding will reopen. Alternatively, you can register your email and we’ll get in touch with any updates.

  • Crowdfunding is used by businesses or organisations needing funding who look to raise money from a large group of people through small monetary contributions or pledges. For Dreamstarter, crowdfunding is a powerful way for businesses to harness the support of their networks and the wider community to raise funds online, and help them launch or grow their business.

    1. Supporters visit the Dreamstarter’s campaign page to learn about the business/project and the financial target (tipping point) they need to reach in order to make it happen.
    2. Supporters can then pledge their financial support in return for a ‘reward’ to help the Dreamstarter’s campaign reach its financial target.
    3. If the campaign receives enough financial pledges to reach its ‘tipping point’ within the set timeframe, all pledges are processed and the Dreamstarter business will have the funds they need to get their project off the ground. If the campaign does not attract enough pledges to reach its tipping point within the set timeframe, this means that the campaign has not attracted the minimum amount needed so unfortunately none of the pledges will be processed.

    Dreamstarter by ING provides additional support, profile and funding to help their crowdfunding campaigns succeed. For successful applicants, ING will pledge up to 50% of the campaign tipping point- now that’s a good head start!

    If you want to get a feel for what crowdfunding is all about, check out our Dreamstarter Partner StartSomeGood’s FAQ page.

  • The tipping point is the minimum amount needed for a business to deliver on its campaign proposal. The campaign proposal might be to launch the social enterprise business to market, launch a new product, or create an opportunity to scale. For Dreamstarter campaigns, ING’s financial pledge counts towards this tipping point.

    Supporters will pledge their financial support, but their pledge will only become an actual donation IF this tipping point is reached within the set timeframe.

    If the campaign does not reach its tipping point within the set timeframe, then none of the pledges will be processed and no money changes hands. You can read more about how crowdfunding works on our Dreamstarter Partner StartSomeGood’s website.

  • The stretch fundraising goal is the dream goal to take your idea further. Ie. The tipping point is the minimum amount you need to raise the get your project off the ground, but the stretch fundraising goal will allow you to add all the bells and whistles. Once you have successfully reached your tipping point, your new campaign goal should be to get as close as possible to your stretch fundraising goal. Learn more about crowdfunding goals and how it works on StartSomeGood.

  • Simply fill out the Dreamstarter application form. Or register your email to be notified when applications are open.

    If you are selected, you will work with our partner StartSomeGood to set up a crowdfunding campaign that will go live a few weeks after being notified.

  • No. In fact we are particularly looking for social enterprises that are profit for purpose. Everyone’s welcome - whether you're an organisation, individual, business, non-profit or independent group.

  • Our Selection Panel (made up of representatives from our Dreamstarter Partners, StartSomeGood, SEFA Partnerships and ING) review applications against the Dreamstarter and StartSomeGood Selection Criteria and decide on six to ten campaigns to support.

    You will find all the information you need to know about the crowdfunding criteria on the Apply page

    Some additional considerations are the potential social impact created by the business, the likelihood of success, and originality. Though a little 'buzzworthiness' helps too!

    Each round, the Panel will try to ensure we spread the love to different areas of Australia and mix of different types of businesses, impact areas and business stages.

    ING customers will be given special consideration in the selection process.

  • The Dreamstarter Selection Panel is made up of representatives from ING and our Dreamstarter Partners, StartSomeGood and SEFA Partnerships. Together, we select six to ten businesses that will receive crowdfunding campaign support, marketing profile and a financial contribution from ING as part of the Dreamstarter round.

  • We will fund up to 50% of your tipping point (the minimum amount you need to get your project off the ground). To give you an idea, Dreamstarter financial contributions in the past have ranged from $2,500 - $20,000. INGs contribution is technically a sponsorship so will be GST inclusive (if you are registered for GST).

  • If your business is selected for Dreamstarter support, ING will notify you by email with an offer to support your crowdfunding campaign. In this email, you will be asked to commit to a number of important milestones:

    1. Our terms and conditions outline what is expected from a sponsorship perspective and you will be asked to sign a Letter of Acknowledgment demonstrating that you agree to them.
    2. You will need to attend a dedicated Dreamstarter crowdfunding webinar run by StartSomeGood Founder, Tom Dawkins.
    3. You will be asked to commit to set up your campaign on the StartSomeGood crowdfunding platform within the compulsory timeframes. This includes providing your logo, campaign video, rewards and photos. Usually the biggest hurdles are the video and rewards, so it is good to start thinking about them ahead of time.
    4. You will need to commit to run an active crowdfunding campaign activating your support network during the specified period to reach your tipping point.
  • Dreamstarter campaigns run for 30 days. All Dreamstarter campaigns are run simultaneously so that ING can help drive their customers to support your campaigns with an active marketing campaign. This focused activity will help your campaign be as successful as possible.

  • ING’s pledge will be added to your crowdfunding campaign from the start. You will need to issue ING with an invoice for the pledge amount (If you are registered for GST, the pledge is inclusive of GST). When the 30 day campaign is complete (and you have successfully reached your tipping point), we will process our pledge directly into your bank account.

  • Just because your application wasn’t successful on this occasion doesn’t mean it’s not great. Dreamstarter partner, StartSomeGood are happy to talk to you about how they can still support you to crowdfund.

Dreamstarter Grants for Growth

  • Once businesses have successfully crowdfunded with Dreamstarter, and delivered their proposed project, they may need a little help to continue to grow and scale. Grants for Growth allows our Dreamstarter crowdfunding alumni to apply for a timely cash grant to enable them to take up or create an opportunity to grow their business.

  • You must have already successfully crowdfunded with Dreamstarter and delivered the project that you crowdfunded for to be eligible. Take a look to see if you meet our selection criteria.


  • We are looking to support the growth of ‘Trading Style’ social enterprises. Our next round of businesses for social good are ready and waiting in the minds of the new generation of social entrepreneurs and we want to help them get access to the best support to get their business off the ground. Anyone with the right ‘trading-style’ business idea can apply to ING to provide a scholarship to attend a learning program giving entrepreneurs the commercial know how to start and build a successful and sustainable social business.

  • Take a look to see if you meet our selection criteria.