Terms and Conditions

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Scholarships - Terms and Conditions

SEFA Partnerships has been contracted to administer the Dreamstarter Scholarships programme on behalf of ING as part of the ING Dreamstarter program.

The terms and conditions set out below govern your participation in Dreamstarter Scholarships programme, and if your application is successful, SEFA Partnerships [SEFAP] support of your Scholarship. In submitting your application for consideration, either directly through the website or indirectly through one of the programmes recommended providers you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with any other applicable terms and conditions, including ING’s Privacy Policy, which is located at

1. Term:

Applications for the Dreamstarter Scholarships programme will be accepted year round. Scholarships are for 12 months from the date of the signed Letter of Acknowledgement, unless adjusted at ING's discretion.

2. Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for a Dreamstarter Scholarship you must:

  1. Be Australian-based
  2. Be actively seeking to establish or have an existing social enterprise
  3. Be a or building a 'trading style' business (ie. business that has a product or service to sell)
  4. Be seeking to achieve social impact in Australia
  5. Have been accepted into the learning program of a recommended provider (or make case for alternate provider through direct application)
  6. Be a founder or co-founder
  7. Agree to the Dreamstarter Scholarships Terms & Conditions
  8. In the circumstance where you are applying for an alternate provider, Business funding and learning program is spent/undertaken in Australia

3. Applications:

  1. To submit an application, you must;
    1. Go to the Dreamstarter Scholarships page
    2. Select and apply directly to one of the recommended learning providers (TDi OR JPCM) indicating your consideration for a Dreamstarter Scholarships OR
    3. Complete all sections of the direct application form to apply for an alternative program
    4. Submit your completed application
  2. The time of application will be the time at which your applications if referred to SEFAP by the recommended learning provider (TDi or JPCM) or you click ‘submit’ on the entry page for an alternative program.
  3. Subject to available budget, applications for Dreamstarter Scholarships are open year round.
  4. Applications for any learning program including recommended providers are to be for no more than $5500 (Inc. GST). Any additional funds required to participate are the responsibility of the applicant to source, in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
  5. Multiple applications are permitted, with a separate application required for each specific learning activity, however it is unlikely that two applications will be approved at the same time or in rapid succession.
  6. You are prohibited from submitting applications that (i) infringe, or will cause ING or SEFAP to infringe, the intellectual property rights (or other rights) of any third party, (ii) contain the personal information of any third party without their consent; (iii) contain material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, racially or ethnically offensive; (iv) encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, breach any law; or (v) is otherwise inappropriate. ING and SEFA Partnerships Australia reserve the right to automatically disregard any such applications.
  7. You agree that ING and SEFA Partnerships shall have the right to immediately remove any application and disqualify any applicant who has or is suspected of violating any applicable terms and conditions.
  8. Applications must be free from any viruses, locking devices or other disruptive or potentially damaging programs or devices (Viruses). You will be liable for any loss or damage caused to ING or SEFA Partnerships from any viruses in any application that you submit.

4. 1. Judging:

  1. Each successful applicant will be selected by a panel of judges appointed by ING and SEFA Partnerships.
  2. Judging will take place at 60 Margaret St Sydney, Sydney NSW 2000, as soon as reasonably practicable, but generally within 2-3 weeks of receipt of an application.
  3. All applications will be judged based on the following criteria:
    1. The proposed business for development must be ‘trading’ style
    2. The proposed business for development must be creating positive social impact within Australia
    3. There is demonstrated commitment to pursuing the establishment and /or growth of the business
    4. The proposed learning program being applied for is appropriate for the ‘stage’ of the businesses development
  4. Successful applicants will be notified via the email address specified on their application, within (2-3) two to three weeks after the panel judges have reached a decision. This Letter of Acknowledgement will contain details of the Scholarship payment schedule, the term and details of the milestones that successful applicants must meet.
  5. If ING or SEFA Partnerships are not able to contact and receive positive confirmation from a successful candidate that they wish to proceed within (2) two weeks after the issue of the Letter of Acknowledgement, then the offer to support your Project will lapse.
  6. The details of the successful applications may be published by ING on the SEFA Partnerships Dreamstarter and ING Dreamstarter Campaign Page.

5. Grant/ Sponsorship Fee:

Successful applicants will have their Scholarship fee paid directly to the relevant learning provider and will be provided with evidence of payment for their program place. SEFA Partnerships will deposit the amount into the successful applicant’s nominated program on behalf of ING within 30 days after receipt of the signed letter of acknowledgement.

6. Sponsorship Rights:

In consideration of SEFA Partnerships paying the Sponsorship Fee (on behalf of ING), successful applicants appoint ING Dreamstarter as the exclusive sponsor of the Project in the Brand Category and grant to ING and SEFA Partnerships the Sponsorship Benefits during the Sponsorship Term.

Should successful applicants complete less than 30% of the learning program within the sponsorship period the applicant and not the learning program will be responsible for reimbursing SEFAP up to 70% of the sponsorship value, unless otherwise agreed.

Successful applicants are able to seek additional funding to participate in their learning program from sources outside of the ING Brand Category.

7. Intellectual Property Rights:

  1. As between the successful applicant and ING and SEFA Partnerships: (i) generally, all intellectual property rights in materials arising out of the Project is owned by the person creating the material. However, intellectual property rights in any modifications to material is owned by the party that owns the original material; and (ii) all pre-existing intellectual property rights of a party remains the property of that party.
  2. On request from ING or SEFA Partnerships, successful applicants will licence, or, in relation to third party material, use reasonable efforts to procure a licence, for ING and SEFA Partnerships to use: (i) any material incorporating the ING or SEFA Partnerships Brand Elements; and (ii) the Sponsored Materials in Australia during the Sponsorship Term for the purpose of ING Dreamstarter and SEFA Partnerships exploiting the Sponsorship Benefits.

8. ING & SEFA Partnerships Brand Elements:

  1. Successful applicants may use the ING Brand Elements in Australia during the Sponsorship Term in accordance with this Agreement solely for the purpose of exercising the rights and performing the obligations of the successful applicant under this Agreement and subject always to ING’s direction and approval.
  2. Successful applicants may use the SEFA Partnerships Brand Elements in Australia during the Sponsorship Term in accordance with this Agreement solely for the purpose of exercising the rights and performing the obligations of the successful applicant under this Agreement and subject always to SEFA Partnerships direction and approval.
  3. Successful applicants must only use ING and SEFAP Brand Elements in their material if ING or SEFAP (as applicable) has given that material to the relevant successful applicant or if the successful applicant has submitted representative material including ING or SEFAP Brand Elements to ING or SEFAP (as applicable) and the relevant party has approved their use in writing, which it may grant or withhold in its absolute discretion.
  4. Successful applicants must not: (i) use any of ING or SEFAP Brand Elements as part of their trade name, corporate name or domain name or as part of any trade mark, logo or get up; (ii) use ING or SEFAP Brand Elements in a manner which, in ING's reasonable opinion, may be prejudicial to ING or SEFAP or to the ING and SEFAP Brand Elements; (iii) apply to register any trade mark, business name, company name or domain name which includes ING or SEFAP Brand Elements, or which is substantially identical or deceptively similar to ING or SEFAP Brand Elements; and (iv) challenge ING or SEFAP Brand Elements, ING's ownership of ING Brand Elements or SEFAP’s ownership of SEFAP Brand Elements or assist a third party to do these things.

9. New Projects:

If successful applicants intend to undertake a project which is similar to the Project during the Sponsorship Term (New Project), they must give ING and SEFAP notice at least 30 days before the commencement of the New Project (or such shorter period as is reasonable in the circumstances) and grant ING the exclusive first right of refusal to sponsor the New Project in the Brand Category. If ING gives the successful applicant notice that ING wishes to sponsor the New Project within 14 days of receiving notice (or such shorter period as is reasonable in the circumstances), the successful applicant will enter into an agreement with ING on the same terms and conditions as this Agreement (the necessary changes being made).

10. Confidentiality and privacy:

  1. You must treat as confidential information: (i) the terms (but not the existence) of this Agreement; and (ii) all information provided by ING or SEFAP under or in connection with this Agreement that ING or SEFAP indicates is confidential information or is deemed to be confidential information in light of the circumstances in which it is disclosed.
  2. You may: (i) only use confidential information for the purposes of exercising your rights and performing your obligations under this Agreement; (ii) must protect the confidential information from disclosure to at least the same degree as you protect your own confidential information; (iii) must not disclose the confidential information to any person except: as approved by ING or SEFAPs, which consent can be given in their absolute discretion; (C) if required by law or any stock exchange; or (D) if it is in the public domain.
  3. You must return or destroy the confidential information on the earlier of ING’s or SEFAP’s request or the expiry or termination of this Agreement.
  4. ING and SEFAP have obligations to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). You must: (i) comply with the same obligations (as obligations to ING and SEFAP under this Agreement) in respect of the your collection, storage and use of personal information made available to you (if any) in connection with this Agreement; and (ii) comply with the reasonable directions of ING and SEFAP in relation to the handling of such personal information.
  5. ING and SEFAP collect personal information in order to conduct the Dreamstarter programme and may, for this purpose, disclose such information to third parties, including service providers that assist ING and SEFAP to conduct the Dreamstarter programme. Our receipt of your application is conditional on providing this information.
  6. You agree that ING and SEFAP may also use the information relating to the activity collected as part of the Project for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes including sending electronic messages.
  7. You should direct any request to access, update or correct information to ING or SEFAP (as appropriate).

11. Termination:

  1. If the Dreamstarter Scholarships programme is interfered with in any way or is not capable of being conducted as reasonably anticipated due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of ING and SEFAP, ING and SEFAP reserve the right, in their discretion, to the fullest extent permitted by law:
    1. to reject any application; and/or
    2. to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the Dreamstarter Scholarship promotion, as appropriate.
  2. ING and SEFAP may at any time during the Sponsorship Term terminate their support for a Project on 14 days' prior written notice to the successful applicant.
  3. ING and SEFAP may terminate their support for a Project: (i) if the successful applicant breaches any material term or condition capable of remedy (including failing to meet any milestone advised by ING and SEFAP) and fails to remedy the breach within 7 days after receiving written notice; (ii) the successful applicant, its employees, agents or subcontractors, engage in any conduct that is likely to harm ING and SEFAP’s reputation or its products or services; or (iii) the successful applicant becomes insolvent.
  4. On termination: (i) all rights granted to the successful applicant and ING and SEFAP under this Agreement cease; (ii) the successful applicant must cease using ING and SEFAP materials and withdraw all documents displaying the ING and SEFAP Brand Elements; and (iii), if requested by ING and SEFAP, you must refund to SEFAP that part of the Sponsorship Fee that remains unexpended or uncommitted (as evidenced to the reasonable satisfaction of ING and SEFAP) as at the date of termination.

12. General

  1. You must not assign any of your rights under this Agreement or novate this Agreement, except with the written consent of ING and SEFA Partnerships.
  2. This Agreement may only be varied by a document signed by an authorised representative of each party.
  3. This Agreement is governed by the law applicable in New South Wales.

13. Definitions

In this letter

Term Meaning
Agreement The agreement between ING, SEFA Partnerships (SEFAP) and a successful applicant that is formed by a successful applicant signing and returning the Letter of Acknowledgement, incorporating these terms and conditions, the successful applicant’s application form, the Scholarship details and any other terms set out in the Letter of Acknowledgement.
Brand Category Financial services including financial services as defined for the purposes of class 36 of the classification of trademarks used by IP Australia, asset management, insurance, real estate, securities and leasing
Effective Date In respect of the Project means the date on which ING and/or SEFA Partnerships received the countersigned Letter of Acknowledgement from a successful applicant.
Grant Term The period in which the Project learning program will be undertaken.
ING Brand Elements Such ING trademarks and logos made available to a successful applicant for the purposes of the Agreement.
Letter of Acknowledgement The letter from SEFA Partnerships to an applicant advising that they have been successful in securing a Dreamstarter Scholarship
Payment Schedule 100% on approved application and receipt of signed Letter of Acknowledgement by SEFA Partnerships
Project The project is the business described in the application lodged by a successful applicant
Sponsored Materials Existing imagery, audio and video assets associated with Project.
Any imagery, audio or video assets generated by ING or SEFA Partnerships (or associated parties) for the Project.
Text, copy, blog and information updates from Project campaign, either on SEFAP webpages or the successful applicant’s website and published materials.
Sponsorship Benefits A royalty free and non-transferable licence to use the Sponsored Materials on ING and SEFA Partnerships online properties, including websites, social communications and customer communications.
Sponsorship Fee (or Grant) The GST inclusive amount advised by ING and SEFA Partnerships in the Letter of Acknowledgement.
Sponsorship Term The period commencing on the Effective Date and ending on the date specified in the Letter of Acknowledgement.
SEFAP Brand Elements Such SEFAP trademarks and logos made available to a successful applicant for the purposes of the Agreement.