‘Tis the season to wrap-up a guilt free gift.

Spread the joy and wrap up an ethical and eco-friendly gift that gives from the ING Dreamstarter store.

What are Gifts That Give?

ING Dreamstarter supports Australian businesses creating a positive social or environmental impact through their products and services. And with the holiday season happily upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts we’re going to wrap-up for family and friends. So, this year, browse our range of ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable gift ideas and not only will you be wrapping up something thoughtful and unique, you’ll also be helping make a positive difference.

Wrap your gift in our festive wrapping paper available in three unique designs and printed on 100% recycled stock by Words with Heart, and you’ll also help fund education for women and children.

Gifts That Give

Next time you're looking for the perfect present, wrap up a gift that creates a better Australia.

Luca Gift Wrap 6 sheets

Words with Heart $10

Printed by Words With Heart on 100% recycled stocks, this festive gift wrap also shares some powerful messages of community. Every purchase funds 6 days of education for women and girls.

Mini Trio Gift Pack

Eat Me Chutneys $25.00

Guaranteed to make any ham sing, these delicious chutneys are made from rescued wonky fruits and vegetables.

Repurposed Coffee Scrub Bar 2 Pack

Raise The Bar $28.95

Made from repurposed coffee grounds, these scrubs bars not only smell amazing, they’ll give you a boost too.

Healthy Honey Hamper

Amber Drop Honey $53.00

These bee lovers give 5% of profits to Save The Bees Australia; the bees have returned the love with delicious honey.

Mixed Gift Wrap From $7

Words with Heart From $7

Three one-of-a-kind gift wraps, designed by three passionate illustrators and printed by Words With Heart on 100% recycled stocks. Every purchase funds education for women and girls.

Calloway Fawn

Will & Bear $119.00

Made from 100% Australian wool, this fedora will help plant 10 trees for every hat purchased.

SealPod Coffee Bundle

Crema Joe $62.00

This reusable coffee pod is designed to last a lifetime, so you can enjoy your coffee without contributing to landfill.

Sustainable swimwear

OceanZen From $80

Every bit of plastic ever made still exists today. OceanZen cleverly creates fashionable bikinis from ocean plastics and debris.

Liverpool Spliced Clutch

The Social Outfit $79.00

The Social Outfit has collaborated with young people from communities in Liverpool to create this unique bag.

Original blanket

Seljak Brand $299.00

Seljak creates beautiful blankets using recycled natural fibres like merino, alpaca, mohair and cotton, saving these precious fabrics from landfill.

Harvey Amber straw hat

Will & Bear 89.00

Harvey is a classic boater hat, made from 100% straw with soft rose tones. Every hat sold = ten trees planted.

Up, Down and Around Scarf by Beci Orpin

Bravery Co. $95.00

Bravery Co. create beautiful headscarves for scarf lovers and cancer haters, helping give affected women confidence and help instil bravery.

Native Thyme Olive Oil & Wattleseed Balsamic gift set

Warndu $35.00

Drawing flavours from Australia's rich native produce, this Native Thyme Oil & Wattleseed Balsamic set is sure to impress your taste buds and dinner guests.

Two Good Co. care pack

Two Good Co. $75.00

When you buy someone a Two Good salon quality care pack, one will be sent to a women’s refuge or safe house.

The Sustainable Surfing Pack

Surf Sock $35.00

Surf Sock not only helps surfers slide into their wetsuits, it helps reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

Bill Gift Wrap 6 sheets

Words with Heart $10

Printed by Words With Heart on 100% recycled stocks this one-of-a-kind gift wrap is masterfully illustrated with so many clever little scenes. Every purchase funds education for women and girls.

Mulga Gift Wrap 6 sheets

Words with Heart $10

Printed by Words With Heart on 100% recycled stocks this gift wrap is a fun and festive celebration of our flora and fauna. Every purchase funds education for women and girls.

Rectangular silk scarf

The Social Outfit $99.00

Rectangular scarf made from 100% silk crepe de chine fabric designed by young people from the refugee and new migrant community in Liverpool.

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When my son, who is on the Autism Spectrum, started preschool I made a flyer for the other children's parents so they could better understand Hugo and why he does not talk or why he might flap his arms. Parents loved the flyer and told me they read it together with their kids. Lots of them left it on their fridges. I had created a platform of understanding and inclusion where Hugo's peers could act with compassion towards him.

Misa Alexander
mother & author

OceanZen swimwear is taking marine debris and transforming it into beautiful swimwear for ocean lovers to enjoy the sea, plastic – free.

Stephanie Gabriel
Founder Ocean Zen Bikini

How cute is the ‘pacific gold' stainless steel straw set from Clean Coast Collective?