Ahimsa Collective

Ahimsa Collective is a luxury accessories label, intent on producing products with no harm. Aiming to disrupt the current fashion industry, their collections are proving that luxury and sustainability can co-exist. Ahimsa Collective name stems from the belief that products should not cause suffering to the planet nor its inhabitants. This movement is a collective act, in which everyone will need to play their part to disrupt the Fashion Industry's current process.

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The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, second only to Oil and Gas. Additionally, Australians are the second-largest consumer of new textiles after the US. Ahimsa Collective is a luxury accessories label, that is looking to make an impact and sees fashion as an incredible vessel for change, steering the consumer market towards a greener future. Each collection is created with a long-lasting sustainable vision, produced from innovative materials such as:

  1. Piñatex (the leaves of the pineapple plant)
  2. Sustainably Forested Washable paper
  3. Ecoprene (post-consumer plastic water bottles)

Throughout the production, Ahimsa Collective looks to ensure minimal, if any, material waste and uses plastic-free materials from branding through to packaging. Customers will receive their purchases in custom branded biodegradable mailer bags, delivered by Australia’s first carbon neutral courier service.

With the support of Dreamstarter, Ahimsa Collective can produce their second collection, expand and grow their online presence and finally begin the development of the Ahimsa Collective Men's range.

  • $5.00 from every sale of an Ahimsa Collective item will be donated to Ghostnets, who remove discarded fishing lines from our oceans and clean up our coastlines.
  • Experience that 'feel good' factor, knowing that you are helping to convert waste to wear.
  • By purchasing an Ahimsa Collective product, you are not only reducing the fashion industry’s footprint, but contributing to reverse it.
How to support the work of Ahimsa Collective:

View the new collection and support sustainable fashion.

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  • Background

    Climate Reality Leadership Corps

    Tessa has completed the ‘Climate Reality Leadership Corps’ training; studying under US Vice President and Climate Reality Chairman Al Gore and world - renowned scientists.

  • March 2018

    First Collection

    Released their first collection

  • July 2019

    Successful crowdfunding with ING Dreamstarter

    Successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign with ING Dreamstarter 2019