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The jobs of the future will almost certainly be linked to the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) however not all young people have equal access to technology to support their learning in these subjects, and girls are often under-represented in STEM subjects at school. In an effort to democratise learning and encourage more young girls to pursue STEM subjects, Brainchild Academy’s program gives primary-aged children, both boys and girls, experience with technology at an age when they are most naturally curious.

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With technology becoming more prevalent in our lives every day, an array of tomorrow’s jobs will certainly require strong knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. Unfortunately, not all school children have equal access to the latest technology and hardware needed to excel in these subjects. In addition to this, girls are often under-represented in STEM subjects as they progress through school, which leads to a lack of gender diversity in these fields. One group striving to democratise learning, and encourage more young girls to pursue STEM subjects, is Sydney enterprise Brainchild Academy. Brainchild Academy runs in-school and school holiday workshops to encourage primary school aged children to explore their inner innovator by building programmable electronics, like music synthesises and Mars Rovers prototypes. With the support of Dreamstarter, they were able to turn their educational dream into a reality.

BrainChild has delivered to over 3,000 students in schools in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, including regional areas, public and private schools as well as participated in the Spark Festival at the Powerhouse Museum and presented at ING's annual conference.

I would absolutely recommend Dreamstarter Scholarships to new entrepreneurs. Wherever you are at, whatever you have done, the program will push you further no matter where you are in the start-up game.

Julian Lee
founder of Brainchild Academy

Brainchild Academy has benefited from all three ING Dreamstarter programs. In 2015 they ran a successful crowdfunding which enabled them to launch their business. The following year in 2016, ING Dreamstarter provided them with Grant for Growth that allowed them to purchase additional equipment so they could deliver an extensive program to 300 young innovators at Newtown Public School in NSW Within the same year,Brainchild Academy founder, Julian Lee, secured a Dreamstarter. He attended an Accelerator program gaining the exposure and networks that he needed to push his thinking and grow his business and its impact in the community.

  • Since launch over 1,500 students have participated in the program
  • 50% of students in the program have been girls
  • Students at Young Public School rated Brainchild Academy after a recent workshop series with 157 students:
    • Enjoyment of Workshop 4.3/5
    • Learning of electronics 4.2/5
    • Development of creativity skills 4.1/5- Improved confidence 3.7/5
    • Improved Leadership Skills 3.5/5
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  • October 2015

    Completed Dreamstarter

    Successfully completed crowdfunding campaign with ING Dreamstarter and launched Brainchild Academy

  • January 2016

    Grant Secured

    Received a Dreamstarter grant for growth enabling us to conduct the Brainchild program at Newtown Public School

  • September 2016

    Branding Grant Secured

    Secured a second Dreamstarter Grant for Growth to develop professional branding

  • September 2016

    Scholarship Awarded

    Accepted an ING Dreamstarter scholarship, which funded Julian, the founder’s, attendance to an Accelerator Program for social entrepreneurs