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Australia throws out an unimaginable amount of fresh produce every year and, sadly, it’s mostly for aesthetic reasons. This culminates in billions of dollars wasted as well as the misuse of energy and water. One company making good stuff from ‘wonky’ produce is Sydney based enterprise, Eat Me Chutneys.

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2.1 Tonnes

Produce salvaged


Jars produced

6 Tonnes

Averted CO2 emissions

Australia wastes an estimated $5 billion worth of fresh produce every year. Sadly, most of the wastage is not due to the food’s quality, but because it’s unusually shaped or has a slight blemish. One family run company making good stuff from ‘wonky’ produce is Sydney based enterprise, Eat Me Chutneys. They rescue as much produce as their resources allow, and transform it into an amazing array of chutneys using Fairtrade sugar and spices. This combination of ‘good things’ has made Eat Me Chutneys a Certified B Corporation – a business audited as an instrument of change to solve social and environmental dilemmas. Not only have they already rescued several tonnes of produce, but they’ve hired their first employee from Sydney’s Asylum Seeker centre. Their long-term goal is to hire more disadvantaged job seekers and continue to reduce produce waste.

We’d like our part-time employee to become full time, and put her through the Certificate II and III cookery courses so she can move on to bigger and better things

Ankit Chopra
co-founder of Eat Me Chutneys

With the support of Dreamstarter, Eat Me Chutneys has been able to turn a tasty dream into a reality. In October 2015, Eat Me Chutneys ran a successful crowdfunding campaign with ING Dreamstarter – wanting to increase the scale of their rescued produce from 1 to 10 tonnes that year. Following crowdfunding, they featured on Network 10 The Living Room thanks to an ING Dreamstarter marketing partnership. ING continues to support them in different capacities, from promoting and purchasing their products for corporate events, to leveraging their marketing and social channels to spread the word.

  • Rescued 2.1 tonnes of produce from landfill and converted it into 10,966 jars of chutney, saving 6.05 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Donated 1,415 jars of chutney to charity, taught 2,009 people how to make ‘rescue’ chutney, and mentored 11 graduate students.
  • Acquired prestigious certifications, including B Corporation - a certification given to those who meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency – as well as being one of two companies globally to have their chutneys Fairtrade certified.
  • Proud business partner of Love Food Hate Waste program.
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  • 2013

    Fairtrade Certification

    Received their Fair Trade Certification within their first year of operation.

  • 2015

    Received a Scholarship

    Eat me Chutneys received a Dreamstarter scholarship

  • 2015

    Crowdfunded with ING Dreamstarter

    Ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, and raised $28,365

  • 2015

    Media Coverage

    Featured on Network 10 The Living Room thanks to ING Dreamstarter marketing partnership.

  • 2016

    First Employee

    Took on first employee from Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

  • 2017


    Setting up their own Commercial Kitchen to expand their chutney making capabilities