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Most Australians start each morning with a latte or a cappuccino, but what happens to your leftover coffee grounds? They hit landfill, with around 75,000 tonnes piling up each year in Australia alone! Raise the Bar is on a mission to repurpose these grounds by producing luxurious coffee body scrub bars free of the nasty microbeads and extensive plastic packaging you’re used to seeing with beauty products, all the whilst keeping your skin silky smooth and soft.

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As Australians continue to #RaiseTheBar on waste, combating coffee wastage is an obvious next step. Australians consume 6 billion cups of coffee a year, that’s a whole lot of landfill piling up and emitting toxic greenhouse gases. ‘Raise the Bar’ is fighting the good fight and transforming your used coffee grounds into lavish natural exfoliant bars. Giving coffee a second life means the organic bars smell good enough to eat and are a whole lot kinder to your skin than the hidden nasties in the average beauty bag.

Raise the Bar doesn’t just combate waste, their natural scrubs help preserve oceans along the way. Fantastically, coffee grounds will disintegrate in water or more likely be picked up in wastewater treatment facilities first and turned into industry fertilisers - a stark comparison to alternative products which wreak havoc on our marine life.

After two years in the making, and an ING Dreamstarter scholarship under their belt, Raise the Bar applied to crowdfund and successfully reached their funding goals through ING Dreamstarter in July 2018 – raising a total of $18,000. This funding has allowed production of their first shipment of recycled coffee scrub bars to a lot of new environmentally-conscious customers.

Waste is a design flaw that Raise the Bar is fighting whilst simultaneously driving change within the beauty industry. The brand’s products are packed full of love – they’re zero waste, cruelty and plastic free.

"I am beyond thankful to ING Dreamstarter and my heart filled with joy. The more people out there using our recycled coffee scrub bars means more coffee waste kept out of landfill. It is such an exciting time for our very young business and to have ING Dreamstarter with us means the world."

Bronte Hogarth

Raise the Bar are beginning their journey with the aim of saving 100kg of coffee grounds from landfill. The company is driving a change in the skincare industry, educating consumers on the dangers and alternatives to their microplastic packed skincare.

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  • 2017

    ‘Young Social Pioneers’ incubator program

    Part of the Foundation For Young Australians ‘Young Social Pioneers’ incubator program.

  • 2017

    ING Dreamstarter scholarship

    Undertook an ING Dreamstarter scholarship to help acquire crucial learning and networking opportunities to design and develop Raise The Bar’s sustainable social impact business.

  • July 18th 2018

    Successful crowdfunding campaign

    Raise the bar was selected for ING Dreamstarter’s crowdfunding and successfully raised $18,000 to launch their first product run.