Team Timbuktu

Team Timbuktu is a sustainably made activewear brand, using fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles to create clothes made for moving in. The collections are designed in Melbourne and ethically made, with a focus on feeling good rather than purely on fitness.The brand encourages women to get outdoors and is activity agnostic, with a product range created to be functional, with no compromise on style or sustainability.

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When you learn that the fashion industry creates more CO2 emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping worldwide and that only 9% of all plastics created are currently recycled, you realise how much negative impact is made simply by the clothes we wear.

Team Timbuktu creates sustainably made activewear, that is made for movement and helps to reduce your impact, by using fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

The process involves collecting plastic bottles, that are sorted by colour, sterilised, dried and shredded. This is then melted and squeezed into yarn which is then spun into thread creating the rolls of fabric used to create Team Timbuktu’s collections.

The material is soft, breathable and durable. It looks and feels like regular fabric, just made more sustainably. By using waste that we have an excess of, instead of oil, Team Timbuktu is reducing the impact, and are not only saving plastics from oceans and landfill but are also using less energy and water in the process of creating their 73% recycled fabric compared to creating conventional synthetic fibres.

We see a future where all fabrics, from all brands, are sustainably sourced. One where we choose to move our bodies for the fun, challenge and enjoyment of it.

With the support of Dreamstarter, Team Timbuktu were able to turn a dream into a reality and expand their collections to introduce new activewear styles and help establish itself as an inclusive and sustainably made activewear brand.

  • Reducing the fashion industries environmental impact.
  • 5% of all funds from this campaign will go towards two incredible charities, mental health organisation, Waves of Wellness and the environmental conservation foundation, Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.
  • Eliminated the majority of single-use plastics, using home compostable bags instead, saving thousands of plastic bags each year.
  • Ethically made in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan & China where all workers receive above minimum wage, and also receive superannuation, health care benefits and paid leave.
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  • Early 2017

    Initial Start

    Rhianna initially started building Team Timbuktu

  • June 2018

    Official Launch

    Team Timbuktu officially launches

  • Since then

    Three activewear collections

    Since opening, Team Timbuktu has launched three collections in June 2018 and May 2019 and October 2019. In addition, they have also launched one cotton collection and two tech jacket collections.

  • July 2019

    Successful crowdfunding with ING Dreamstarter

    Successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign with ING Dreamstarter 2019, with a total of $23,178, to be able to launch.