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Domestic violence has a tragic impact on the lives of too many Australian women and children. One social enterprise helping these survivors is Two Good, a business that provides restaurant quality meals and salon quality care packs to women in refuges. They do this on a ‘you buy one, we give one’ basis.

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Domestic violence is a huge problem in Australia, not only because of the immediate impact it has on the women and children involved, but also over the long term - stripping them of their self worth. One social enterprise business helping the survivors of these unimaginable situations is Two Good, a company that provides restaurant quality, celebrity-designed meals and salon quality body care packs to the general public and women’s refuges in both Sydney and Melbourne. Their unique business model is based on the philosophy, ‘you buy one, we give one’ - meaning that every meal or care pack that someone buys, someone in a domestic violence refuge also receives one. Two Good also employs women from these refuges to help out in the enterprise, and all of their packaging is 100% recyclable. With the support of Dreamstarter, Two Good Co were able to turn their dream of helping women doing it tough to rebuild their self-worth into a reality.

We made a commitment to do the absolute most we could to show the women that we believe they are worthy. Every decision we make, we ask the question – how do we maximise our social impact?

Rob & Cathal
co-founders of Two Good Co

In 2016, Two Good received a scholarship through the Dreamstarter program, which helped founders Rob & Cathal to prepare their business to successful launch their celebrity-designed lunch jars. Wanting to grow their business further, with the help of ING, Two Good participated in an ING staff forum – where they received a further $8,500. Then, in 2017, Two Good ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to launch their new body care packs - helping them vastly increase their reach, awareness and ultimately people purchasing their care packages.

  • Since launching in May this year Two Good has delivered 1,100 care packs to 23 women’s refuges across the country, reaching every state (except Tasmania).
  • Within the first year of launching Two Good, they were able to sell 12,000 meals, which allowed them to provide 12,000 meals to people in need.
  • Two Good now provide more than 200 meals every week.
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  • 2015.

    The Launch

    Launched Two Good charitable two-for-one model, where you pay for two meals: one for you and the other to be donated to a shelter

  • 2016

    The Result

    Sold 12,000 meals in their first year, allowing them to provide 12,000 meals to those in need.

  • 2016

    Dreamstarter donates

    Received a Dreamstarter Scholarship

  • 2016

    Funding secured

    Pitched at ING staff Forum securing $8,500

  • 2016

    A win!

    Two Good won the Food For Good category at 2016’s Good Food Guide awards ceremony.

  • 2017

    Next stage

    Successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign with ING Dreamstarter to launch their care packs

  • 2017

    Helping hands

    40 x ING staff volunteered in the kitchen with Two Good making lunch jars and care packs

  • April 2017

    New products

    Two Good launch their beautiful all natural care pack using 100% essential oils with the support of Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki

  • July 2017

    Making appearances

    Rob Caslick, co-founder of Two Good, featured speaker at the Social Enterprise Collective Conference