There is so much we can learn from our Indigenous culture. Warndu, a social enterprise business based in South Australia, is a native produce company that’s been 60,000 years in the making. Their products not only taste great and are good for you; they’re good for Australia’s natural environment and Indigenous community.

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Australia’s rich Indigenous culture is over 60,000 years old, but unfortunately some of the valuable knowledge and traditions are getting lost in the modern world. One passionate business reconnecting with this treasured heritage is Warndu – which means ‘good’ in the Adnyamathanha language – a native produce company based in South Australia.

Warndu’s locally sourced native plants, nuts, seeds and proteins are used to create a range of sustainable products that are ‘good’ in so many ways – ‘good’ for cooking, ‘good’ for health, ‘good’ for the environment and, most importantly, ‘good’ for providing Indigenous Australians with jobs and training within the horticulture and food industries. Further to this, a portion of the profits from their food range go to restoring Indigenous health in Arnhem Land With the support of Dreamstarter, they were able to turn a culturally important dream into a reality.

Our major objectives and goals are to regenerate culture, community, tradition, health and food, by creating a sustainable native food industry, and showing people how to use these foods at home

Rebecca Sullivan
co-founder of Warndu

In 2016, Warndu ran a successful crowdfunding campaign with ING Dreamstarter and raised $16,000. Since then, they’ve been on a journey both growing the business and raising awareness for their cause. By partnering with Dreamstarter, they were able to launch their first Brew & Broth pop up restaurant in Adelaide.

  • Success will be educating mainstream Australia about native ingredients and dishes, which will in turn increase demand for native products.
  • Another marker of success will be an increase in the number of native food gardens in rural communities, employment of Indigenous Australians, and the successful education of traditional farmers.
  • With the growth of Warndu, they hope to continue educating and inspiring positive conversation in the community about Indigenous skills, history and culture.
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  • 2016

    Crowdfunded with Dreamstarter

    Successfully crowdfunded with Dreamstarter raising $16,000 in funds.

  • 2016

    Getting Connected

    Warndu’s co-founder, Rebecca Sullivan joined the Australian Native Food & Botanicals board of directors.

  • September 2016

    Pop up Restaurant in Adelaide

    With the funding from their Dreamstarter campaign Warndu hosts their first “Brew and Broth” pop up restaurant. The star items on the menu were Warndu’s range of Native Bone Broths, using Native Meats and Australian Native Greens - coined “Native Pho”.

  • February 2017

    Improving Health & Opportunity

    Warndu supports ‘Around the Campfire’ – delivering Native inspired food to improve health & opportunity to Indigenous youth

  • June 16 2017

    Adelaide Pop-up shop

    Warndu hosts a pop-up shop in Adelaide, South Australia selling their amazing Warndu tea’s, oils and vinegars.

  • June 22 2017

    Tea time!

    Warndu presents Tea Blending Masterclass

  • July 6th 2017

    Teach & taste

    Rebecca Sullivan presented the Australian Native Food Masterclass & Pop Up Store

  • July 31 2017

    Industry Recognition

    Rebecca Sullivan is named a honorary Premium Food and Wine Ambassador for a 2 year period by SA Premier Jay Weatherhill

  • August 29 2017

    Rebecca Sullivan

    Warndu delivered Australian Native Tea Blending with Rebecca Sullivan.

  • September 8 2017

    Restaurant sell-out

    Warndu’s second Australian Native pop-up restaurant sells out. Located in Unley, South Australia, diners are provided with a wonderful opportunity to try a variety of native Australian ingredients over a three course meal cooked by Warndu founder Rebecca Sullivan.

  • April 2019

    New book Warndu Mai (Good Food)

    Released their new book Warndu Mai (Good Food) which hit shelves on April 23rd. The book contains information about seasonal availability, hints, tips, and over 80 fully illustrated and accessible recipes showcasing Australian native foods, using ingredients such as kakadu plum, native currants, finger lime and pepperberry to create unique dishes and treats.

  • June 2019

    Released new spice products

    Released two new spice products - Pepper Berry and Pepper Berry Leaf.