Successfully funded on Jul 18, 2019

Beard Season – Beards for the bush

Raising funds to roll-out pop-up skin check clinics around regional Australia and educate these communities on early melanoma detection.


Tipping Point: $25,000






Sydney, Australia

Beard Season – Beards for the bush

Use of funds

$25,000 Tipping point goal

$25,000 let's us lock in three regional skin check events.
Depending on where we'll go, this will cover:

  • Contracting the specialist(s)
  • Flights (or fuel for the Flying Skin Doctor)
  • Equipment / educational material
  • Transportation of our skin check tent
  • Dispatch costs for biopsies
  • Management & co-ordination costs
  • Staff, provisions and incidentals

The more funds we raise, the more days we can stay at each site, and the more people we'll be able to check. Ideally, we could schedule this in with a corporate skin check in the area, offsetting costs for the charity while benefiting employees AND the local community.

One specialist, per day, can check approximately 50 people.
So this goal will get us to 150 people.

People in the country who are a lot more risk than your average Aussie.
People who might never have had the chance to have a skin check before this project...

$50,000 Stretch goal

This will let us tee up six remote skin check sessions.
Or double (if not triple) the amount of people we check on our original sessions.

$25 or more


Nice one. This covers the admin/set up cost for one skin check. So we can say "how ya garn" to someone who might never have had a skin check before. Good on you...

11 backers

$50 or more


YES!! You've just covered the cost for a specialist to check one champion from the country. So they can "Have a squiz" for some suss looking spots. As a token of our appreciation, we'll send you something beasts wear on their ears - which you can use as a key fob. A custom branded symbol of a life you might have helped us save.

20 backers

$100 or more


You've earnt it. This has covered two skin checks AND won yourself a limited edition pack of stubby holders - featuring our famous (beard) farmer. We may even chuck in a couple of frosties to say "Cheers mate" and celebrate.

9 backers

$150 or more


You're a gem. This has covered two skin checks and all the admin. To say thanks, we're going to flick you a pack of our highly sought after #BeardSeasonPlayingCards. These are pretty hot property, and feature some of our ambassadors from all over the world. The series launched in London which is fair way from home. Which goes to show we don't do things by halves.

2 backers

$200 or more


You beauty!! You've helped us check a few lucky legends. Something we want to thank you personally for. So... one of our ambassadors - from the bush - will record a message and give you a shout out - which we'll post to over 80 thousand people on our social media channels. Make sure you give us your handle/profile name so you see it. And if you want us to say something special just let us know. We owe you one...

8 backers

$1000 or more


Go you good thing... did you know, one of our ambassadors is currently trekking across the country with three camels, passing through some of the towns we're looking to check? Well, thanks to your super generous donation, you could meet this lovely bloke and have a bit of one on one with these glorious animals. We can't promise a camel ride, but you will learn a thing or two. You'll have to make your own way to wherever we'll be, but we can assure you it'll be worth it. An experience you'll never forget.

1 backer

$7500 or more


MATE!! This will score you sponsorship rights for one rural skin check session. You can put your logo on all our comms, up at our skincheck tent, our shirts, hats whatever you like - within reason. Or you could just say you did that... You made it happen. We'll send you photos and a video wrap up to share with all your friends and clients. As well as a bit a report about how many people we checked and how many lives you might have helped save. How's that for 'return on investment'...

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$15000 or more


Right... you’re not messing around.
This will sort us out for two days and then some, which you should probably definitely join us for. For this kind of dosh we’ll roll out the red carpet/freshly linen’d swag (with mosquito net). Sorting you out with a full kit of merch, naming rights and hopefully some PR. Plus all the back pats from the hundred plus people you helped to get a skin check. Solid solid form by you...

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