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Team Timbuktu – Sustainable activewear tackling plastic waste

We're a sustainably made activewear brand, using fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles to create clothes made for moving in.


Tipping Point: $20,000






Melbourne, Australia

Team Timbuktu – Sustainable activewear tackling plastic waste

What is Team Timbuktu?

We're a sustainably made activewear brand, using fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles to create clothes made for moving in 🏃🚴🏋️⛹️

We’re Australian designed, ethically made and focused on fun over fitness, because we frankly don’t care about how many pushups you can or cant do.

Team Timbuktu launched a year ago and has since launched two collections sustainably made from recycled plastics.

But this is just the beginning, we’re currently still a small - one person big - business and it’s an expensive challenge to expand, so we're asking for your help, and ING's been kind enough to pitch in too!

We’re expanding our range and introducing new styles of activewear including:

  • Mid Length Bike shorts
  • ¾ Length Leggings (not pictured)
  • 3x New Crop Top Styles
  • New 7/8 Length Leggings
  • New Prints & Plain Black 🎉

But how on earth do we recycle bottles into fabric....?

And what does recycled fabric feels like?

Nothing like you'd imagine; it's soft, breathable and durable. It looks and feels like regular fabric, it's just made more sustainably. By using waste that we have excess of, instead of oil we're reducing our impact, and not only saving plastics from oceans and landfill, we’re also using less energy and water in the process of creating our 78% recycled fabric compared to creating conventional synthetic fibres. Win, win if you ask us.

Who's behind the brand?

Rhianna is the founder of Team Timbuktu, she’s been working on the business for the past two years building it up from scratch. Designing prints and products, sourcing sustainable materials and meeting our makers. Wearing many hats, she also coordinates production, marketing, customer service, bookkeeping and everything else in between.

She started the brand after hiking in Patagonia, one of the most beautiful places in the world, whilst wearing some of the ugliest clothes in the world (eg regular hiking clothes). Having studied design and worked in industry managing design and production, she knew it was possible to create a product that had no compromise on style, sustainability or function.

Rhianna is a Melbourne based adventurer who loves to outdoors with any chance she can get and she's designed the brand for all activities, (rather than sport specific) because she believes everyone should move their bodies however they like. Personally she likes to hike, snowboard, rock climb and downward dog, but is always keen to try new activities too.

We're so proud to partner with our talented makers from Taiwan, Indonesia and China. We visit them regularly to say g'day and ensure their workplaces are happy, healthy and safe.

Why should you support Team Timbuktu?

When you learn that the fashion industry creates more CO2 emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping worldwide and that only 9% of all plastics created are currently recycled, you realise it’s pretty screwed up how much negative impact we’re making. By supporting Team Timbuktu’s ING Dreamstarter campaign you're helping to change the standards, by:

  • Not only helping a small Aussie business grow, you’re also helping to reduce your impact, by voting for the kind of future you want to see. One where the fashion industry reduces its environmental impact and doesn’t compromise on people or planet.

  • Joining the Team Timbuktu design team. By selecting any reward, you'll get to choose what prints make it into production for this collection, and future collections too!

  • Using less single use plastics. Typically garments are packaged in single use plastic bags, then packaged in more plastic and then sent to you in even plastic. We frankly think this is a terrible idea and so have eliminated the majority of single use plastics, using home compostable bags instead, saving thousands of plastic bags each year.

  • Last but not least, you’ll be supporting two charities we’re incredibly passionate about, the mental health organisation, Waves of Wellness and the environmental conservation foundation, Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. We're donating 5% of all funds from this crowdfunding campaign to help them with their incredible work.

Project partners & supporters

Even as a small business, it's really a team effort around here. We're so pleased to partner with ING for the next stage of our growth and couldn't have made it this far without support from RMIT and FYA. And we love to support the legends over at WOW and FNPW.

Ultimate goal

Our goal is to create a new standard of sustainability within apparel supply chains. We see a future where all fabrics, from all brands are sustainably sourced. One without negative environmental impact and one where we all move our bodies for the fun, challenge and enjoyment of it, rather than feeling bad about that piece (or three) of cake we ate.

We've got a pretty big goal, of recycling half a million plastic bottles within five years time. But we can’t get there without help from our team, aka you.

What can you do?

We’d love your support and would be so appreciative if you shared this campaign with a friend, family member, someone from work, on your netball club, or perhaps a stranger on the tram.

And if you're need of some new activewear, we’d love your support by purchasing a piece from our new collection for you or a friend 🙏 Have a look at the new pieces below and choose a reward in this presale campaign, you'll even save $$ from future retail price by buying now. If you have any questions about products, sizing, prints etc please get in touch at and we'll help you out.

New collection

Crowdfunding details

  • All styles will be available in multiple prints (and plain black)
  • Print choices will include pictured prints and other options
  • Post campaign, we'll organise print choices and sizing preferences
  • Our size range is from XXS to XL (AU sizes 6 - 16)
  • This is a pre-sale campaign, delivery is not immediate
  • Production will commence late July
  • Delivery is estimated for late September
  • Australian shipping is included in the rewards cost

If you'd like to learn more head over to Team Timbuktu, or for any questions please get in touch


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Use of funds

$20,000 Tipping point goal

To fund the expansion of our range we need to raise $20,000 to not only fund our bulk production and achieve our minimum order quantities for our fabric, but to also make it worthwhile for our makers. There's many hands involved in making our garments from those at the plastic recyclers, fabric mill and garment manufacturer, it's a pretty complex process.

Our crowdfunding campaign will help to cover the cost of:

  • Sampling to ensure we deliver the perfect fit
  • Bulk production of our new styles
  • A trip to visit our makers
  • Charitable donations
  • Freight, customs, tax and processing fees
  • Domestic shipping for your orders

$30,000 Stretch goal

We have a stretch goal of $30,000 that will enable us to introduce even more prints/colourways into Team Timbuktu's new collection of activewear, with the possibility or introducing new styles too ✨

$20 or more

Thank You 👏

Are you a fan of doing good but don't want a reward? This one's for you. All donation sizes welcome.

A bucket of good karma will be sent your way.

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$44 or more

Crop Top

Choose your favourite style from our new collection of Crop Tops - Longline, Highneck or Regular and choose your print.

Save 25% | RRP $59

29 backers

$59 or more

Bike Shorts - Early Bird

High waisted, mid length bike short. Comfortable and breathable, choose your favourite print. Psst early birds save more!

Save 26% | RRP $79

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$64 or more

3/4 Leggings - Early Bird

High waisted, comfortable and breathable. Choose your print in our new 3/4 length leggings. Psst early birds save more!

Save 28% | RRP $89

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$69 or more

Bike Shorts

High waisted, mid length bike short. Comfortable and breathable, choose your favourite print.

Save 13% | RRP $79

3 backers

$74 or more

3/4 Leggings

High waisted, comfortable and breathable. Choose your print in our new 3/4 length leggings.

Save 17% | RRP $89

17 backers

$84 or more

7/8 Leggings

Full length leggings (cropped above the ankle). High waisted, comfortable and breathable. Choose your favourite print in our original 7/8 length leggings.

Save 15% | RRP $99

18 backers

$124 or more

Get the Set

A top and bottom from our new collection, choose from any of crops or bottoms. Mix and match your prints or get the matching set.

Save up to 22% | RRP up to $158

27 backers

$149 or more

2x Leggings 👯

A pair for you and a pair for a friend. Or perhaps just two pairs for you. Choose from our 3/4 or 7/8 length.

Save up to 25% | RRP up to $198

11 backers

$199 or more

Gift Voucher

Receive a $250 Team Timbuktu gift voucher for only $199.

Valid online at for 6 months post campaign.

2 backers

$349 or more

🔑 Meet the Founder

Meet Rhianna, the founder of Team Timbuktu IRL. Let's go hiking, rock climbing or have a long lunch in Melbourne to chat sustainability, movement and reducing your impact. You'll also receive a set (crop and bottom) from our new collection.

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