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Byron Bay Bath Bombs – Scrub for the big scrub

Let's be the voice of the rainforest and scrub for the Big Scrub.


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Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay Bath Bombs – Scrub for the big scrub

The Big Scrub is a product dreamt up by Emma Louise. The product is a chemical free body scrub using by-products and native plant extracts from the Northern Rivers of Australia.
The idea of this project is to sustainably source native ingredients and use waste products to create a luscious big body scrub, whilst educating people about the Big Scrub Rainforest and its remnants in Australia.

We are trying something that has never been done BEFORE!
This body scrub will use by-products such as macadamia husk, finger lime skins and coffee grinds that would normally go to waste.
We are also sourcing some special natives like kakadu plums, cinnamon myrtle, blue gum and tea tree. These ingredients have been used for centuries as medicine and I can't wait to use them and educate people about their healing properties.

Hi, my name is Emma Louise, founder and director of Byron Bay Bath Bombs.
I grew up in the Northern Rivers and I've always been a huge DIY chick. Growing up in a single-parent home I never had the luxury to try store bought products. I always made my own.

I always looked to the land and nature to heal.
After spending years travelling the world I decided to move home to Byron. I started working at Harvest Cafe in Newrybar. The menu sourced native plants from the garden, I was so inspired by this and soaked up so much knowledge.This is when I became super passionate about bush foods. We learnt how to use all of these beautiful ingredients like lemon myrtle, gum leaves and edible flowers, I thought, "hey! If these are so good to eat, why not start putting them on my skin?" This is when the idea for The Big Scrub Body Scrub came to life. I thought I could use these beautiful ingredients from the rainforest in a body scrub and help educate people about The Big Scrub Rainforest at the same time. So this is where you will come in!

I want to take you on a brief journey to a lovely patch of rainforest near our home in the Byron Bay Hinterland. It is a very hot day but when you walk into the forest, it is cool. You look around and see an amazing diversity of life: many species of trees, some with beautifully mottled bark, some with large buttress roots, some festooned with epiphytes. On the ground you see a variety of beautiful fungi, purple and red fruits, interesting winged seeds, beautiful fallen flowers.

Tony Parkes Big Scrub Landcare President.

The Big Scrub was the largest expanse of lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia covering an area of approximately 75,00 hectares between Byron Bay, Ballina and Lismore.
The Big Scrub was cleared for agriculture from the 1880’s and by 1900 only one-percent remained in the form of 100 small remnants scattered across a largely cleared landscape.

Together with Big Scrub Landcare, Cape Byron Distillery and ING Dreamstarter we can work together to regenerate the rainforest. For each Scrub sold we will be donating proceeds to support The Big Scrub Rainforest Day taking place in September 2019. Educating people about this issue is so important and this is why we will be proud to sponsor this event with your help!

Our Dream is to educate people about The Big Scrub rainforest, the native ingredients in The Big Scrub Body Scrub, living a waste-free life and returning to nature. Each scrub sold will include a small information booklet full of all the big stuff! You can also find the Big Scrub Rainforest book in our rewards! Be one of the first to try our all natural, native, waste free body scrub!

Making this all-natural, chemical-free, body scrub is just the beginning for us. We would love to keep producing our products on a larger scale, reaching new customers and helping educate people about WASTE FREE, ECO FRIENDLY and ALL NATURAL SKINCARE.


Thank you gratitude and love to:
Design by Mullo Studio / @mullostudio
Videography by Meg Noel / @megzmeets
Coffee Grinds provided by Old Maids / @oldmaidsburgerstore
The farmers and growers
And the Bundjalung people, the original custodians of the Northern Rivers land.

Learn more at Byron Bay Bath Bombs or @byronbaybathbombs
BIG Love,
Emma Louise

Use of funds

$8,000 Tipping point goal
  1. Organic ingredients:
    As most of us know sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients can be very expensive and with your help we can bring those costs down by buying in bulk from local farmers.
  2. Sustainable packaging:
    Sourcing Eco - friendly and recyclable cylinders for the body scrub is a must do!
  3. Media & marketing:
    To help educate and spread the word.
  4. Professional workspace:
    We need more space to make this beautiful product. Larger bowls bigger mixing jars, just more bench space.

We are also offering FREE shipping and Local pickup on all of our pledges.

$10,000 Stretch goal

People Power! Hire an extra helping hand to make sure the Big Scrub reaches you on time.

$10 or more


Thank you for your support. We will acknowledge your support by giving you a shoutout on social media!

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Tote - ally cool

We'll send you a limited edition canvas shopping bag. Add to your Eco collection whilst parading the Big Scrub Tote Bag. Designed by Lucy Tann at Mullo studio.

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$20 or more

Bombs Away

Don't wanna scrub? Then get yourself this trio of bath bombs!
Emma will hand make a special native big scrub bath bomb pack with three different bath bombs.
Posted to your door delivered in waste free packaging.

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$30 or more

The Big Scrub Body Scrub

Receive this limited edition Big scrub body scrub. With a thank you card.
This will be the first batch of the Big Scrub. (So thank you for your pledge)
Filled with beautiful Native extracts, Essential oils and Macadamia oil. This body scrub will be like one you have never tried.
Suitable for the face and body, The coffee grinds work as a natural exfoliant, leaving your skin silky smooth! Plus it smells A M A Z I N G !
Dowsed with active ingredients like Kakadu Plum and Fingerlimes, The high content of Vitamin C will also help with skin rejuvenation and wrinkles.

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The Big Scrub Rainforest Book

Want to know the full story in detail. Take home the offical Big Scrub Rainforest book.
'The Big Scrub Rainforest - A Journey Through Time' 2017 presented by Rous County Council and Big Scrub Landcare Inc. with the generous support of Brookfarm.


"The book contains contributions from writers, artists and photographers, and explores how the Big Scrub came to be, the ecological value it holds today, what it means to people and what its future might look like.

Only a few hundred years ago the Big Scrub was the largest continuous expanse of lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia, covering an area of 75,000 hectares around the present-day towns of Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay and Mullumbimby. Today less than 1% of the former Big Scrub remains in scattered fragments of remnant rainforest. Its long-term survival is in doubt. These remnants are rich in diversity, supporting hundreds of species of flora and fauna and providing the only remaining habitat for some species."
This book is beautifully presented great gift or to have for yourself.

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Byron Bay Gin Distillery Tour - Double Pass

Have you heard of Brookie's Gin? Handcrafted in the hinterland of Byron Bay at Cape Byron Distillery. Brookie's Gin is another product that proudly showcases native ingredients from the Northern Rivers. Receive a double pass, so you and your friend can arrive like VIPs. Join us on a tour and we will take you on a journey through the story of our distillery, the Brook family farm and the art of distillation. Begin with a Brookie’s & Tonic garnished with Native Finger Lime & Aniseed Myrtle, followed by a guided tour through our rainforest, and then learn how we combine our Native flavours to make our award-winning Brookie’s Gin.

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The Ultimate Self Love Club

Use this pack for yourself or send as a gift to your loved ones. This is the ultimate care package.
1 x Big Scrub Body Scrub
1 x Tote BAG
1 x Set of 3 Native Bath Bombs handmade by Emma Louise

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$150 or more

The Canopy Pack

Take home
1x Big Scrub
1x Tote Bag
1x Illustrated card pack from Mullo studios.
1x Big Scrub Rainforest book

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Rainforest walkers

Round up your closest buddies and lets go bushwalking in the remnants of The Big Scrub. You and five friends will be taken on a bush walking trail through Nightcap National Park. At the top of the rainforest we will feast for a all inclusive picnic lunch. Featuring Jilly wines and gourmet sandwiches and cheese from the Harvest Deli. A indulgent Northern Rivers affair.

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