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The Sense of Us is an annual national survey that aims to understand all the things that make Aussies tick. The good news this year is: it's good vibes only! With Australians overwhelmingly choosing 2022 as the year of positivity.

Folders, scrunchers and other fascinating facts

Renewed optimism

8 in 10 Australians are

feeling positive about 2022 while 31% are looking to shake things up!

Growing closer

1 in 5 say they became

closer with their family despite lockdowns and 41% found new friends through social media.

New goals

2 in 3 Aussies have

specifically set financial goals for 2022 with 53% nominating saving money as their #1.

Flexible working

91% see the value

in being able to work from home, only 15% want to do it every day

Trending online

51% of Aussie adults admit

to using emojis in work emails and 23% of social media users have added their pronoun to their profile.

Quirky stuff

40% put their right

shoe on before their left while NSW are Australia's biggest toilet paper folders with a whopping 72%.

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Are you one of the 70% who fold rather than scrunch their loo paper, 53% who lick rather than bite ice blocks or 88% who smile at strangers in the street? Get a better sense of Australia and where you fit in with the ING Sense of Us Report 2022.

The survey was conducted online in March 2022 by YouGov, on behalf of ING, and sampled 2,342 Australians aged 18 years and older. The figures have been weighted and are considered representative of all Australian adults (aged 18+).

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