One coffee

Making your own super contributions

Boost your super three ways

For the cost of one coffee a day, you could grow an extra $77,602 in your super according to stats by ASFA, the Australian Super industry's peak body for policy, research and advocacy. Here's how to get started.

Calculation made using superguru.com.au calculator and based on a 38 year-old putting an additional $116 each month ($3.80 a day) assuming 5%pa growth over 27 years. The figures provided by the calculator are based on a series of assumptions and are general illustrations only.

  1. Salary sacrifice

    Salary sacrifice

    Comes straight from your before tax income. Your employer pays it, and it’s generally taxed at a much lower rate than your salary - only 15%.

  2. Regular contributions

    Regular contributions

    Here's where those coffees come in, or if you land a small windfall - hello tax return, work bonus or Nana's birthday card money.

    Whether regular or one-offs, every cent counts towards shaping your ideal retirement number.

  3. Consolidate super

    Consolidate super

    Rollover your old accounts into one to minimise multiple fees and maximise your shot at a bigger retirement number.

    Before you do, check for termination fees, whether you can get the level of insurance you need, and that your employer is OK to pay into the fund.

Note that government limits apply on the amount you can contribute each year.

Log into your account at ing.com.au and select Contribute to your super

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To retire 'comfortably'

ASFA claims that a couple will need an income of $59,971 a year - and singles $43,665 - to retire 'comfortably'. By 'comfortable', they're talking some travel, eating out regularly, owning a car, private health insurance and a few more of life's not-so-luxe essentials. (You can read more here.)

  • Here's the thing

    Relying solely on employer contributions may not give you what you need to live 'comfortably' in retirement.

  • Find out what you need

    Try our retirement calculator to see whether your super will have you on track for 'comfort', and consider working backwards from there to find an amount that you could contribute regularly.

To boost your super now

If feeling inspired, you could even make a one-off contribution to your Living Super account today. Here's how to make additional contributions.

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